Leadership Traits Key to Promotion

One of the best ways to position yourself for a promotion into a management role is to conduct yourself as if you were already a manager. No, this doesn't give you the authority to boss around your co-workers, but it does give you the opportunity to help out on extra projects, offer assistance to co-workers on big projects, and exhibit an attitude that is appropriate for someone who is in a management position.

When identifying potential management candidates, employers look for people with excellent communication skills. Good managers have to be viewed as leaders by their peers, and in order for your company to consider you as management material, you will need to conduct yourself accordingly.

Employees typically consider open communication styles and a willingness to listen as desirable traits in managers. Do you willingly mentor your co-workers? Do you listen openly to your peers, supervisors and subordinates without judgment? Do you keep yourself removed from typical office politics and avoid whining and complaining about company policy? If your answer to these questions isn’t “yes”, implementing some behavioural changes for yourself should help you in the long term.