Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Kelly is committed to the safety of all workers and to providing a safe work environment free from workplace injuries. The following information has been provided to help you stay safe. For additional information, please refer to the Health and Safety Policy and the Talent Handbook

Common Workplace Injuries
As part of our commitment to safety, Kelly completed an analysis of all injury types/causes and discovered that the majority of common workplace injuries occured in the following categories. As a result, Kelly has safety programs designed specifically to educate and protect workers:

During orientation, your Kelly representative will review Kelly's safety programs, policies and procedures with you. It is important that you address any questions you may have with regard to safety.

Health and Safety Regulations (Ontario Legislation)
The Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulation requires health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisor under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Kelly’s Talent Handbook meets legislative requirements and contains information that you need to work safely. In addition to the Talent Handbook, please review the Safety Awareness Program.

Job Hazard Assessments (Alberta Legislation)
Part 2, Section 7 of the Occupational Health & Safety Code in Alberta requires employers to assess a work site and identify existing or potential hazards before work begins. Employers must prepare a report that provides the results of the assessment and specifies the methods that will be used to control or eliminate the hazards.

A hazard is any situation, condition or thing that may be dangerous to the safety or health of employees/workers. A hazard has the potential to cause an injury, illness or loss. “Potential” hazards are those that are foreseeable and reasonably likely to occur. The purpose of the job hazard assessment is to identify and evaluate those conditions that could lead to employees/workers getting hurt or becoming ill. Assessing hazards involves taking a look at what could harm employees/workers at a workplace. A job hazard assessment takes into account the hazard specifics to the work task being done. It also takes into account the potential for hazards present in the surroundings to affect the employee/ worker performing the task.

The safety of our employees is a priority and as Kelly does not own the work sites we have put together generic job hazard assessments of the potential hazards you may encounter while on assignment.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) provides you with access to some interactive web-based safety awareness programs under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety website. Some programs include Hazard Assessment and Control, Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness, etc.