Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Kelly is committed to safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of our information and information systems, as well as those entrusted to us by our customers and suppliers. As a condition of employment, employees are expected to safeguard these systems from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, destruction or loss.

All information created, stored or transmitted on Kelly's or its customers' systems, is the property of Kelly Services or its customers.


Information is any form of data created, stored or transmitted electronically or in paper format.

Information systems are assets such as computer hardware, computer files and records, software, magnetic media and internal/external communication systems.

  • Employees must keep their passwords confidential and must not share their passwords with others. Employees will be held accountable for all actions performed with their User ID and password.
  • Employees will not use Kelly's or its customers' information systems to communicate, input or access language or images that may be considered offensive or demeaning to any individual.
  • Employees will use Kelly's or its customers' information systems for business purposes only and will not use them for inappropriate purposes such as illegal activity, gambling, soliciting or selling personal products, or engaging in commercial activities other than those expressly permitted by Kelly or the customer.
  • Employees will not duplicate, delete or disclose Kelly's or its customers' proprietary or confidential information, or remove information or information systems without the proper authorization.

Employees will not be afforded privacy when using Kelly's or its customers' information systems. All electronic files and e-mail sent, received or stored in Kelly's or its customers' information systems are the property of Kelly or its customer. Kelly reserves the right to monitor, audit and terminate employees' access to information and information systems at any time without notice.

Employees violating any terms of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or pursuit of criminal prosecution or civil remedies.

Report suspected violations of the Information Security Policy to your local Kelly branch, Canadian Human Resources at 416-368-1058 or Kelly's Corporate Security and Safety department at 248-244-4180 (during regular business hours) or 248-244-4250 (after regular business hours).