Pay Policy

Pay Policy

Kelly is committed to paying its employees timely and accurately, and in a manner that complies with all applicable laws.

Eligible for Overtime
You are eligible for overtime in accordance with provincial Employment Standards. You must maintain and provide Kelly with an accurate record of all hours you work each day and report your time in accordance with policy or established practice. Do not over or under report your hours for any reason. While you must obtain specific approval to work overtime, it is also a violation of Kelly policy for anyone to ask or require you not to report hours worked. If anyone asks or instructs you to under report your hours, contact your Kelly representative.

Employees Exempt from Overtime
In very limited circumstances, Kelly may have positions where temporary employees are exempt from overtime. Kelly will notify you. If this occurs, you will not be entitled to receive overtime pay but will be paid either on an hourly basis for all hours worked or on a salary basis. Employees on a salary basis of pay will, except in beginning and ending weeks, be paid a certain amount for any week in which work is performed (on established paydays) regardless of the number of hours worked.

Examples of deductions from salary that Kelly may make are the following:

  • Elective deductions such as those for health, welfare, retirement or charitable contributions
  • Required deductions such as those for provincial/federal/local taxes, garnishments or inadvertent overpayments
  • Absences from work for one or more full days for personal reasons
  • Absences from work for one or more full days due to sickness or disability
  • Absences due to an unpaid suspension from work as a penalty imposed in good faith for an employee's violation of serious safety rules (for example, violation of Kelly's Workplace Violence and Weapons Policy or Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy), or workplace conduct rules (for example, violation of Kelly's Harassment Policy)

Review Pay Stubs and Report any Errors
To ensure that you are paid accurately, you should review your pay stubs to promptly identify and report any errors. If you believe that your pay is inaccurate for any reason, including due to a deduction from your salary not listed above, immediately notify your Kelly representative. Kelly will promptly review the matter and take appropriate action, including, if necessary, correcting errors and reimbursing any shortfall in pay and taking steps to ensure that such error does not happen again.

It is against Kelly policy for anyone to retaliate against a Kelly employee for reporting an incident they believe is a pay-related error. If you believe Kelly's response to your report is not satisfactory or if you believe you have been subjected to retaliation after reporting the incident, please contact your local Kelly branch immediately.

Record of Employment
If you require a Record of Employment, please complete the ROE Request Form or contact the Payroll Support Hotline to make your request.

If you have not worked for a period of 30 days and have not yet requested a Record of Employment, Kelly will issue a Record of Employment automatically. If you have had successful performance with Kelly, you will continue to be considered for future assignments and are considered a Kelly employee. If your availability has changed, please contact your Kelly representative.