Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kelly respects the privacy of its customers, applicants and employees, and we acknowledge that you have certain rights related to any personal information we collect from you. Kelly supports the various national and local privacy laws, and has procedures in place to meet the requirements of those laws.

Kelly will collect, use, store, transfer and purge personal information for employment-related purposes only.

Kelly does not sell or trade personal information, and we will disclose it only when required by law.

Kelly and its representatives protect personal information from misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, destruction or disclosure.

An individual may be granted reasonable access to their personal information to correct or update it as appropriate.

Kelly's Privacy Statement discloses our privacy principles in addition to our practices for gathering, storing and using your personal data. Information in the Statement includes:

  • Our Commitment to Privacy
  • What Personal Data We Collect
  • Whom We Share It with
  • Choice: Opt Out/Opt In
  • Accuracy and Access
  • Security
  • How to Contact Us