Workplace Violence and Weapons Policy

Workplace Violence and Weapons Policy

The health and safety of all employees is of the utmost importance and at the core of the Company’s operating values.  Therefore, the company has established the ‘Workplace Violence & Weapons’ policy to address any questions regarding Workplace Violence.

Persons Affected
All employees at Kelly Services (Canada), Ltd., Kelly employees, customers, visitors, contractors, guests or other individuals while on Kelly’s or its customer’s premises, in connection with one’s employment with Kelly.

At Kelly Services (Canada), Ltd. threats, threatening behaviours or acts of violence against Kelly employees, customers, visitors, guests or other individuals while on Kelly’s or its customer’s premises, in connection with one’s employment with Kelly, will not be tolerated.

It is the policy of Kelly Services (Canada), Ltd. that weapons of any kind, whether or not concealed, are prohibited on Kelly’s or its customer’s premises, in connection with one’s employment with Kelly.  Kelly employees who carry a weapon on the aforementioned premises are subject to immediate termination of employment based on non-compliance with Company policy.  Limited exceptions based on religious symbols may be granted with management approval.

A person who engages in such behaviour – or any Kelly employee who engages in such behaviour on Kelly customer’s premises – will be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits and must remain off the premises, pending the outcome of an investigation.  If the investigation substantiates that the policy has been violated, Kelly will respond appropriately.

Though regular risk and safety assessments are conducted on Kelly and Kelly customers’ premises, if an employee believes that their health and/or safety may be compromised in the workplace, they have the right to refuse work in a specific workplace pending the outcome of the investigation and, if necessary, the situation will be corrected. (Employees should also refers to our Harassment and Health and Safety Workplace policies)

  • If the aggressor is a Kelly employee, this response will include actions up to and including termination of employment, based on non-compliance with Company policy.
  • If the aggressor is a Kelly customer or customer employee, the response may include, but is not limited to, the suspension or termination of the business relationship.

Note: In each of those cases, the response may include engagement of law enforcement and the prosecution of the aggressor(s).

Employee Responsibilities
When as immediate threat to your safety or the safety of others may exist, contact law enforcement.  In the event of a medical emergency, seek first aid or medical assistance.

Note: Although some provincial laws may authorize residents to carry concealed weapons, it is legal for private employers, such as Kelly, to prohibit weapons of any kind on their premises.  In cases where employees carry religious symbols, it is their responsibility to disclose this to their manager and receive approval to carry.

You are responsible for promptly reporting to a Kelly Services Manager or Human Resources any inappropriate, alarming, threatening or violent behaviours which you have been involved in, witnessed or learned or having occurred, regardless of the nature of the relationship between those involved.

For example, Kelly employees should report any individual who:

  • Uses threats, intimidation or manipulation toward management or coworkers (Workplace Bullying);
  • Displays physically abusive or aggressive behaviour towards management or coworkers such as hitting, pushing, and finger-pointing;
  • Displays paranoid behaviour, feelings of being victimized, or believes that others are conspiring against them;
  • Displays unwarranted anger toward those who offer constructive criticism, or incites fear amongst coworkers;
  • Has been terminated or released from an assignment with Kelly, and appears to be focused more on the position they previously held (e.g., maintains unwelcome contact with current employees), rather than on pursuing other employment;
  • Has been recently charged or convicted of a violent crime and is employed by Kelly;

Kelly will evaluate the seriousness of the reported information and lead the necessary investigation and, take corrective action will be taken where appropriate.

In situations where an employee has obtained or applied for a protective or personal restraining order that lists Kelly or its customers’ premises as protected areas – or is a victim of domestic violence, sexual aggression, or stalking – the employee must report such information to their immediate supervisor, Human Resources, and the Safety Department.

Kelly will not tolerate retaliation against an employee for reporting of a potential dangerous situation, when done in good faith, or for participating in an investigation.

Note: Confidentiality will be respected, to the extent possible for all employees reporting an incident to Kelly Management or Human Resources.  Disclosure may be required for the purposes of conducting an investigation, taking corrective action or as required by law, and will only be used to properly assess workplace risk and determine if reasonable precautions are required.

Kelly Responsibilities

  • The Human Resources and Safety Departments are the lead organizations in the prevention and intervention of workplace violence/bullying at Kelly, and serves as the central resource to senior leadership on matters of workplace violence/bullying.

  • The Safety Department may assist in formulating a specific workplace violence response strategy, provide leveraged support to an ongoing intervention, or participate in a post-incident review.

  • Law provides legal guidance to Human Resources, and ensures that Kelly’s Workplace Violence and related policies comply with all applicable laws and are legally defensible.

  • Human Resources maintains responsibility for effective employee relations at Kelly, and plays an integral part in the area of workplace violence prevention and post-incident response.

  • Human Resources provides guidance and direction to the affected branch or department in managing media inquiries on incidents of workplace violence, and engages law enforcement information officers to ensure appropriate, accurate dissemination of information on an incident.

  • Risk management assesses risk of conducting business and provides guidance to stakeholders.

  • Operations maintain ownership of the customer relationship and service delivery.  Both are routinely engaged by the Human Resources Department regarding incidents of workplace violence, and are responsible for ensuring accurate and timely communication with the customer.

  • The Safety Department and Human Resources will provide information and instructions that is appropriate for the worker on the content of the policy and program with respect to workplace violence.

This policy will be reviewed as often as necessary and, at a minimum, annually.

If you have questions regarding this policy, consult your manager for further guidance.

If you are a manager and need assistance interpreting the policy, contact your Human Resources Business Partner or the Safety Department at 905.479.4686.