Working With Your Kelly Office

When to Contact Your Kelly Office

You are expected to maintain communication with your Kelly office when the following situations occur:

  • You are going to be late or have an emergency that prevents you from reporting to work. Do not call the customer. We will inform them of your situation and make the appropriate arrangements.
  • You are injured at work or the work environment seems unsafe.
  • You are unable to complete an assignment. In this situation, contact your Kelly representative, not the customer. We will inform them and make the appropriate arrangements.
  • You are not satisfied with your work assignment. Do not speak with the customer. Instead, contact your Kelly representative to discuss possible solutions.
  • Your work duties are different or have changed from those originally described by your Kelly representative.
  • The customer asks you to work overtime, or you work a series of assignments totalling more than the provincially legislated work week.
  • The customer offers to hire you directly. Either during or after your assignment is complete.
  • Your availability changes or you have commitments that will keep you from being available.
  • You plan to take time off for a vacation or holiday.
  • You have moved or your phone number has changed. We need your correct phone number and address so we can ensure you receive your paycheques, Record of Employment (ROE), T4s, etc. on time and contact you about possible job opportunities.
  • Your email address has changed.
  • You have questions about submitting your time or you need additional time cards.
  • You feel you are being harassed at work by a customer supervisor, co-worker or anyone in the workplace.
  • You are charged with, or found guilty of, any criminal offense (where applicable by provincial and/or federal law).
  • Your current assignment is ending and you want to be considered for other assignments.
  • The customer wants you to return at a later date or the completion date changes.

Note: This list is not all-inclusive. There may be additional reasons to call your Kelly office. Please use your best judgement.